Peak Rambler's Ramblings.... Where to next?

The short (and most likely the long) answer is, I don't know.

This most likely will be my final writing for some time, it’s difficult to write about nothing. I have quite a few times been very close to deleting all I have written to date, but held back. Two blogs have already been removed, never to return out of a fit of frustration and depression.

Enjoying my last walk to date, on Kinder

It was a wee bit fresh up there!
The trig pillar in the background is Kinder Low
Let us not forget, as bad as my injuries and situation is, there are those worse off than me. Also, I'm not looking for sympathy, sympathy merely comforts the situation and is not progressive.

I need to progress, but there are too many obstacles in the way at the moment.

You may have read my end of year report for 2016: Peak Rambler’s Ramblings; where’s the light at the end of the tunnel? Where I explain how dark things were for me and hoped that this year would see some progress.

We're getting into the grip of winter, which for me was a fascinating time for walking, especially after completing a winter skills course back in 2009.

Before my accident, I treated myself to new a new pair of Scarpa Mantas, a B2 boot, and also Grivel G12 C2 crampons, to enjoy using on some of the snow-capped hills we have in Britain!

My crampons, still waiting to play in the snow.
The boots have been worn, a few times to ensure they were a comfortable fit before I bought the crampons. Once I was satisfied they were the job, then I bought the crampons, which are still waiting to be christened!

This year has seen walking promoted as not just good physically, but mentally as well, something I can relate to.

However, while I like, and agree with the sentiment behind the promoting of walking as a healthy activity, not just physically, but mentally as well, for me it has been torturous. My escape from civilisation has been taken from me, along with many other scenarios, which it would not be right to share with you.

This has probably been my worst year with no end in sight! I’m not managing my situation well and feel like a wild animal that’s been caged!

Physically, things seem to have plateaued out, and I fear the way things are going I may never walk the hills and moors again. My intention of a short White Peak walk for September 2017 was another dream beyond reality!

Social media app writers seem to be hell bent on adding annoying features and stupid gimmicks, Twitter especially.

In fact, not just social media, a lot of apps seem to be going down that route!

I've been close to deleting my Twitter account a few times this year, not because of the people I follow and who follow me, it’s the stupid gimmicks that keep being added, especially when I see stupid messages like "In case you missed it" often when I've not even been away an hour, sometimes twice in an hour!

If anyone from Twitter office is listening, which I doubt, I don't want to see it ever again. Seeing it less often is not an acceptable alternative.

Perhaps they're playing with us, trying to tease us, or perhaps I’m just being hyper-sensitive, I don't know, but whatever, I find it infuriating.

I've not written much this year, which is hardly surprising, for I've not a lot to write about these days, though I've two blogs in draft form that I've deliberately held back.
  1. "It looks a good walk, but is that for me"
  2. "Where have all the flowers gone?"

I used to find technology fun, but today, it seems to be a chore.

Things seem to be forced into our world, software updates that force you to have apps on your device you don't want, no longer able to choose what you want!

Constant updates, gimmicks and then the hardware that become tired long before it needs to, so the device which can be recycled, but at a cost, where your data protection then becomes accessible to the unscrupulous.
Oh, and all those spam emails because companies worldwide sell your personal details, worldwide!
Oh, and that autocorrect feature, the incessant desire to use words it thinks should be used!
I used to be able to think for myself, but today, I'm not so sure!
Are we really better of today?

"It looks a good walk, but is that for me" takes a look at walking the hills and moors, along with many things that need to be taken into account, like walk times in magazines and books, which are often from people used to walking, so a suggestion to perhaps increase the time might be a wise idea.

"Where have all the flowers gone?"
We’ve been there, on the top of a hill, looked around and seen large urban developments, wind farms, and solar farms, all being built on green space.

This could be your window view!

As I was writing this blog, the news headlines was:
"Council approves 25,000 homes to be built on greenbelt land!"

I bet hardly any of the house built will be affordable, if any!

Does anyone in authority really care for the countryside?

I think not!

This was intended as a follow on to They stuck parking meters outside our doors to greet us after I found out about subterranean horticulture in London, or should I say ‘under London’ becoming successful, the outlawing of fossil fuel vehicles in 2040, and the constant need to build on open countryside. It looked at how we as a nation seem to be desecrating green spaces with Wind Farms, Solar Farms, housing (far from affordable) HS2, which is set to destroy ancient woodlands regardless of anything.

A couple of links you might like to peruse are:
Farmers Weekly: What London’s underground farm is like
Farmers Weekly: Underground farm set up 100ft below streets of London

The Concrete jungle!

My view of Britain in the future:
  • Concrete jungles
  • Virtual reality fitness centres
  • No countryside
  • Wind farms on ALL moors hills and mountains
  • Wind farms across ALL coastal areas avoiding shipping lanes
  • Solar farms on all level open spaces

It is my view of the future in many years to come, not in my lifetime, but in our children’s, children’s lifetimes!

I could be talking total rubbish, but it is a big concern of mine, what the short and long-term future holds for our countryside, against this incessant need to build houses (and not affordable ones either!), too many in green spaces, and other things, including HS2, HS3, wind and solar farms on the fast diminishing countryside.

One of many wind turbines in our open countryside!

Creeping over hill tops, to be viewed from afar!
I’m sure solar farms could be easily built in urban areas, especially towns and city centres, with lots of roof space on offices, factories and warehouses, many high above many urban developments. Let us start with the top floor of multi-storey car parks, what better, a roof to shield shoppers from the rain while doubling as a solar energy collector?

This wind farm was visible to the naked eye from 8 miles away!

Even our coastal waters are not free from the development of wind farms.
This particular wind farm will be home to some 500 wind turbines
What a view for hotel guests to wake up to!

I also consider the possibility of virtual reality utilised in many gymnasiums as a means to enjoying our once abundant and beautiful countryside, while maintaining the need to exercise.

It takes a very long time for ancient woodlands to become established!

I feel more can, and should be, done in the urban environment. After all, that’s where it’s required most!

But I guess because it’s not in peoples back gardens, the urban environment, the countryside is the okay place to do these things!

Out of sight, out of mind.....
It was a tongue in cheek look at life in the future from my own eyes, at how things are changing. It raised some questions in my mind:
  • Could we successfully grow food artificially, especially if we all go vegetarian?
  • Will we need the countryside ever again?
  • Is it for the best, or not?
"It takes a very long time for ancient woodlands to become established"

How often have you seen green space you once knew as a child, and probably played on, that has now been built on?
The scary fact is, what I once knew as farms, fields and countryside, has fast become bricks and mortar, housing estates, retail and business parks, with a lot more to be buried under the railway tracks of HS2 and HS3 in years to come!
Okay, perhaps I am being negative in your eyes, but not in mine. It must make some of you think about the prospects that lie ahead in years to come!
Think about it. 

England's green and pleasant lanes....
Our politicians are very good at talking the talk about the environment, but not very good at walking the walk.

Yes, we need to protect the planet, but at the right cost, and I don't mean financial costs either.

One last thought, climate change is a very real phenomenon. It has been with planet earth since it evolved (after all, planet earth has had two ice ages at least), and will continue to stay with planet earth until the demise of our planet.

It is now accepted that the sun and the moon have an impact on the weather, just as moon has an impact on the tides, across this planet.

What is there to say that the other planets in our solar system, (or solar systems from afar) also have an impact on our weather?

As I was finishing the blog, the 45th anniversary of the last moon landing mission Apollo 17, was launched.

Was that the end of the space race!
What have I written?
I did however write two blogs.
Yes, quite an odd title, but, if you know the Max Bygraves song, it’s probably one that many of the older readers will appreciate, which I explain in the blog.
This was prompted by the news at the time, which was a terror attack in London coupled with how life is changing fast these days, and it will get faster as time progresses!
I mention my view of the Cold War years, along with the Space Race, to name a couple of events from my younger days.

AVRO Vulcan Cold War V Bomber
Designed to carry nuclear bombs!

HS2, the satellite construction sites, which are supposed to be returned to nature once the construction is complete, I fear will be deemed brown field sites, and beyond reasonable condition for returning to nature.

Now where's my parking meter?
What of those parking meters?
Well, you’ll need to read the blog to find out….
In this short informative blog, I describe my attempts to find a way to carry a fold-up seat while still using crutches to support myself.
My plans for the future?
I have no idea…. Every time I make plans, they fall before the first hurdle, which is extremely frustrating.
I've said enough.
Keep getting out there folks, keep those footpaths open and enjoy that green space while we still have it.
Thank you to all of you for being so patient with me, it really is appreciated and you will never be forgotten.
All the very best folks, Christmas is a time of joy, have a Merry Christmas and I wish you all the very best for the new Year.
I hope Santa brings you the goodies, or kit, that you dream of having.
Peak Rambler
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Links to some of the items I’ve mentioned and written about here:

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