Walking disabled: carrying a fold-up seat!

Not quite a micro-blog, but definitely a mini-blog…

When events in your lifetime prevent you from doing and enjoying the things you used to do, you have two choices:
  • To accept your situation and make it the status-quo
  • To move forward and adapt where you can to enjoy life
You've probably guessed which is my option, though there are some things that as yet, I've not managed to adapt. But I will, one day.
Fold-up seat
that doubles as a walking stick

I’m trying to move on, which is not an easy thing to do, because it’s only when I try to do the things I used to do, comfortably, do I fully appreciate how much I’m unable to do the things I used to do.

A whole new learning curve ensues, and it will only be through trying these things and finding my limitations, will I be able to progress forward.

One such difficulty is walking any distance, which can vary quite considerably from one day to the next.

Have you ever tried to carry one of these fold-up seats, as an able-bodied person, with both hands full?

It isn’t easy, and it’s even more difficult when you need both hands to hold either walking sticks, or crutches,

Yes, I know they can be used as a walking stick, but sometimes, those extra two seat legs that are required to enable you to sit safely, get in the way….

A Tripod Carrier
You can get single legged fold up seats, but then you need to be able to maintain your balance while seated, not something that is always easy to do.

Anyway, moving on, and definitely not criticising any seat design, I have found a solution, which I want to share with you.

As many of you will already know, I’m still recovering from major life changing injuries sustained while using a pelican crossing back in February 2015.

The recovery is very long and slow, and in addition, extremely frustrating many times.

The extent of my injuries will leave me disabled for the rest of my life, which means I need to adapt to my situation to enable me to move forward.

Ideal for walking and an instant seat,
when you need it

It’s extremely unlikely I’ll ever walk the hills again the capacity I used to enjoy, though I’m hoping to regain some walking of the lesser hills and moors at some point in the future.

So, in the interim, I’m enjoying my other passion, landscape and wildlife photography, which also means I need to be able to walk. Currently, it becomes too painful to walk very far, so I need to stop and take the weight off my bad leg, and available seating is not always available, so I purchased one of those small fold-up seats.

First, currently, I still have to use crutches, which means both hands are in use, though I intend to progress to either walking sticks or trekking poles (my preferred option).

When I’m out and about, it’s not always easy to find a seat to sit on so I can rest my rebuilt leg when it gets too painful to walk any further, so I invested in one of those neat little fold up seats. However, carrying the seat was a problem, I’d no free hands, so a micro-project ensued, how to carry the seat without free hands!

I couldn’t find a suitable strap, tried dog leads, and other things, but the chair just would not sit comfortably on my back or over my shoulder without slipping in the way!

While visiting one of many RSPB reserves, I spotted a tripod carrier, designed to carry tripods and scopes, while assembled rather than folded away which seemed to fit the right dimensions. After all, the photo on the packaging shown the tripod carrier carrying a fully setup tripod and large scope, so there’s no obvious reasons why it shouldn’t hold my fold-up seat.

The seat is secured by the straps
that would secure a large tripod
I checked out the loop and strap arrangement, along with, albeit very crudely, using my arm as a ruler, the distances they are apart, and then doing the same with the fold-up seat which I’d purchased quite some time previously, and everything seemed very reasonably in place.

So, I bought the tripod carrier, for a few pence short of £50.00, fitted the chair in to the straps and loops, which it did perfectly.

Not only did it carry my fold-up seat, but I could also fit my small tripod in the spare straps, which was perfect, because I’m a keen amateur photographer, and sometimes, as any photographer will now, a tripod is necessary.

And, it has a small pouch, where a small packed lunch, or guide book could fit, along with a drinks bottle sleeve, to easily fit a small 500ml drinks bottle in.
But not when both hands are in use, so I utilised a Tripod Carrier

All in all, I feel, a good purchase, even if I manage to ditch any walking aids in the future, the tripod carrier will still be a practical and useful tripod carrier.

Finally, happy rambling and thank you for reading,
Peak Rambler
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