Peak Rambler, an intro

Well, “Blogging”, something I’ve never really thought about doing until early 2012.

I enjoy reading blogs from many outdoors folk, about their experiences, kit and other aspects of their activities.

Then, during a walk with a fellow hill walker, we got talking about blogging and trip reports on an outdoor forum that we share, and it was suggested that some of the trip reports I’ve done, would be more than suitable for blogging.

But how do I blog, what would it cost, would I have to set up a web page....

Questions questions and the answers just seemed to appear when I was browsing my Gmail account.

So here I am, sharing my personal accounts of the places I visit, the conditions, my thoughts and where I can, a little potted history or local information pertaining to the area I’ve written about.

Though I walk purely for pleasure and the enjoyment of being out in our wonderful countryside, I may even share some experiences about the kit I use or the clothing that I wear.

I just love getting out and about, particularly around the Peak District and Snowdonia, two areas I visit, quite a lot. However, I’m happy to visit other areas, making occasional trips to the Highlands of Scotland, Shropshire and hopefully, one day, the Lake District.

While I was a Scout Leader, Snowdonia played quite a vital part in perfecting my navigation skills, many of which have given me the confidence to get out in to areas like Bleaklow and Kinder, where footpaths and rights of way are clearly marked on a map, but are not clearly defined in reality.

I’ll warn you now, not only am I a keen outdoor person; I’m also a keen amateur photographer.

On a slightly more serious note, wonderful our hills and mountains are, they can be dangerous places to visit and walk.

Not only the terrain, but also our wonderful British weather can turn nasty, making what seems like an ok day to be out and about, in to an experience you may not want to get caught in.

So please, check the weather reports before you venture out, make sure you wear appropriate clothing and have suitable gear for where you’re walking.

Oh, while GPS’s are great pieces of kit and make navigation quick and easy, they can fail; the batteries loose their charge, particularly in the cold. So make sure when you’re out, you have a map and compass with you and know how to use it.

I would like you to return home safe, and welcome you back to reading my blogs. So, if in doubt, leave it out, the hills and mountains will still be there for another day.
Happy rambling and thank you for taking the time to read,

Peak Rambler

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